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How To Lose Weight Fast

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Please listen carefully

Are you looking for a practical and permanent way to lose weight?

Hello, my name is Doctor Kemi  Osewa and welcome to this page.

Over the years, this weight issue has become a cause for concern.

The whole world has gradually become more 'overweight' than ever.

This is especially here in Africa.

According to new global analysis, no country has been able to succeed in curbing obesity rates in the last 4 decades.

Gbege! Four decades! That is, the last forty years.

This current weight 'wahala' has been put down to a lot of things but mainly stem as a result of modernization.

Years ago, people needed to live far more active lives to get things done.

In this day and age, just about everything can be automated or delivered to your door.

Also, another major factor has been the invention of processed foods.

These days, occurences of emergency medical intervention as a result of people adding weight, are already spinning out of control.

This problem is fast spreading all round the world posing health threats everywhere.


Most people, simply, do not have the right information in their hands.

They make the mistake of not knowing how to go about their weight loss journey.

Some of them believe it's difficult, so they don't even make any attempt at all.

What a pity!

Shedding weight permanently is so easy, if you have the right information at your disposal.

There is another mistake a lot of ladies who visit my clinic for check up make:

They wait till it's too late before they start working on their weight!.

You are lucky.

And even if you feel it's too late, don't worry, I can prove to you that it's not.

You see, I've been in the medical profession for over 7 years now. My husband is also a medical doctor. I graduated on the 26th June, 2012 from Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine. My mother has been a practicing nurse for over 38 years now. Talk about a family of doctors. lol

My mother and I, at the 2014 Annual NMA conference in the states.

That's by the way. Back to business.

You see, throughout my career, I've found at that so many women do not know the bitter truth about staying healthy.

Let me just summarize it for you:

Losing weight is 70% Diet and 30% exercise.

Read that line again.

Helping women to keep fit and lose weight is not just a burden to me. It's a calling.

This is because I've lost some loved ones who had this problem but did not bother to speak up and seek help.

This is why I'm giving out this wonder arms device for free. Yes, free.

To help as many people as possible.

But even by giving you this wonder arms free of charge, the truth is, you won't solve all the weight problems.

Fine, it will strenghten and tone your arms.

But what about the fat in your neck, thighs, stomach, and other parts of your body?

Besides, exercise solves only 30% of the problems. So what about the remaining 70%?

That's why I've decided to give you the complete whole package:

If I were interested in your money, then I would have made you believe that wonder arms is all you need to have that fit and shapely body of an attractive woman. And sell it to you at a price.

But to me, there are things money cannot buy.

In all my years as a doctor, I have seen patients from rich families who could pay anything to buy life, but they died anyway. Nope, not the fault of the hospital.

All I'm saying is :

Health Is Better Than Wealth.

If the exercise part of your weight journey is taken care of, then the diet part, which is even 70% of the entire success journey, should also be properly taken care of.

And that's exactly what you are about to lay your hands on.


Smart Diet (over N50,000 value)

What you are going to learn in these videos will blow your mind. Just be calm.

You'll get 25 solid tips that people pay hundreds of thousands of naira every month to get from dieticians and nutrition experts around the world.

Having these videos is like having your own private nutritionist giving you monthly advice plus, you don't have to pay through your nose!

Don't worry, I'll share the first tip with you here:


When you skip pre and post workout meals, you end up burning away muscle and directly impacting your ability to lose fat.
It is good to eat a snack containing carbohydrates and protein 30-40 minutes or so before your workout and eat a protein rich meal immediately after.

Did you know this before? This one is even the most common tip.

The other 24 tips are uncommon and only open to high paying clients on a serious diet program.

Also introducing:

50 Permanent Weight Loss Tips (over N50,000 value)

These are not just ordinary tips. They are top of the chart medical advice you can only get when you join the smart diet program.

You are getting these professional permanent weight loss tips to lose that first 10-20 pounds quickly.

Okay, I'll help you with the summary of just two:

Tip 1: Drink plenty of water

Yes, water is good.

It is recommended that you drink 8 glasses per day, but that may take you some time to work up to. Your body needs a whole lot of water. Water doesn't just flush all the toxins out of your body, but it makes you feel better and healthier.

When you drink a lot of water you just begin to feel fit and this is the motivation you need to lose weight.

Tip 2: Stay away from all things fried.

If it is breaded, it is better that it is baked. Fried foods are immersed in fat and oil. Even after the excess oil has been drained away, there is still oil absorbed into the food item itself.

There are 48 other eye opening tips that you need to know.

Just get to the 50 permanent weight loss section of the Smart Diet DVD series.

You'll also learn about:

Fat Burning Foods (over N50,000 value)

Each one of the following foods is clinically proven to promote weight loss. These foods go a step beyond simply adding no fat to your system – they possess special properties that add 'burners' to your system and help your body melt away unhealthy pounds.

35 of them! They are 35 foods in number.

These incredible foods can suppress your appetite for junk food and keep your body running smoothly with clean fuel and efficient energy.

Okay, I'll help you with just two:


Dr. Jaya Henry of Oxford Polytechnic Institute in England, found that the amount of hot mustard normally called for in Mexican, Indian and Asian recipes, about one teaspoon, temporarily speeds up the metabolism, just as the drug ephedrine does!

“But mustard is natural and totally safe,” Henry says. “It can be used every day, and it really works. I was shocked to discover it can speed up the metabolism by as much as 20 to 25 percent for several hours.” This can result in the body burning an extra 45 calories for every 700 consumed, Dr. Henry says.

Food 2: BARLEY

Studies at the University of Wisconsin show that barley effectively lowers cholesterol by up to 15 percent and has powerful anti-cancer agents. Israeli scientists say it cures constipation better than laxatives - and that can promote weight loss, too.

Use it as a substitute for rice when eating salads, or add to soups and stews. Ground into flour, it makes excellent breads.

Now you already know 2 foods, you can get the remaining 33 and change your diet life for good!

As soon as you get this program in your hands, just jump to the fat burning food section and start making a timetable of what you are going to eat from now on.

You'll be spoilt by the many options to choose from. Many of the foods are so tasty!

Ermm, before I show you more of what you are about to get...

I have a question for you..

Please answer this question with all your heart...

Who Started The Rumour In Nigeria That Wheat Is Healthy?

When I visit many homes and see the way women prepare wheat for their husbands eh..

I just laugh. They are killing the man but they don't know.

The person that made Nigerians to believe in wheat needs to be flogged..seriously.

Did you know that too much wheat causes joint pain and depression?

See ehn..if I begin to tell you some things, you will not do another thing today.

Depression, Fatigue, Joint Pain, Headaches.
What do all of these things have in common?
The answer is they can all be caused by eating wheat.

Part of our problems in this part of the world is believing the wrong information.

Many people are also gullible.

When they hear something, they don't ask a doctor or medical personnel.

They just start believing it without doing some home work.

Let me give you another example of rubbish that people believe in, that doesn't work.

Starving yourself to lose weight!

Did you know that?

Starving Yourself Is Not The Answer!

To lose weight successfully, you need to eat enough food so that your body has energy to function optimally and still be at a caloric deficit.

Nobody will tell you this except a seasoned medical expert.

You also need to eat the right foods so that you lose the weight and stay healthy.

This smart diet program will show you all the tips and foods you need to consume and know, if you are serious about getting the nice body shape you've always desired.

You can't join this program and remain the same.

Over 1,000 women who I 've helped to lose weight can't be wrong.

Our results speak for themselves.

To even sweeten the deal for you..

We've added some nice bonuses that we are sure you won't be able to resist.


As a result of laying your hands on this Smart Diet program today, you'll be getting these fast action bonuses:

Bonus 1: Wonder Arms

In case you haven't watched the video, here's a device every serious and health conscious woman should have right now.

Get this device delivered to your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days anywhere you are in Nigeria. That's what you get for being a bonafide member of the smart diet program.

I know you can't wait for all these to arrive at you doorstep. But hey, we aren't done yet. More bonuses are coming.

Bonus 2: Facial Cleansing Blackhead Remover (N5,000 value FREE )

Soap and water are not just enough to clean your facial pores as you go about your day's journey.

Specially formulated to unblock clogged pores by peeling blackheads, dirt and spot-causing bacteria away, this blackmask cleans your face at any time of the day. 

Want some extra smooth face along side your new lighter weight? Now you have it. Be careful though, what we have mostly in the market are fakes!

But this is the real black mask lotion straight from USA! Get a smooth face today.

Bonus 3: Special Weight Loss Champagne (N30,000 value FREE )

Take a small sip of this champagne before or after your morning exercise. You can share with your friend or immediate family. Did you know that wine consumption creates endorphins that motivate us to work out? Not just any kind of wine, there are special wines made for this.

This champagne is made in eastern europe, and it is the best weight loss champagne that you can find right now. A bottle goes for $79 (almost 30,000 naira). You won't find it anywhere in Nigeria apart from when you get the smart diet program. Plus, it's yours for free.

The hand of the man is covering the name of the drink.
I intentionally used this pic so nobody will steal my drink and start selling it elsewhere without taking due permission. This is Nigeria

Bonus 4: Dancing Your Fats Away (N11,000 value FREE )

Losing weight shouldn't feel like a punishment at all. It should be completely fun. This book (inside the Smart Diet Program DVD) has been compiled by the best weight loss dance experts in the world and will help you shed some fat while having fun - dancing!

Not every kind of dance can help you, there are some recommended ones that have been proven to burn fat more than the others. Funny enough, different types of music for the dances are also revealed. You make your choice!

Bonus 5: Sultry Skin (N14,000 value FREE )

This smart diet program DVD will not be complete if I don't show you how to glow your beautiful skin, even as you are shedding weight.

Having glowing and beautiful skin can be easily acquired. It merely depends on how you do it. Sometimes, people think that achieving their desired skin condition may take enough time and effort. Though this is quite true, it doesn’t mean that you will find it hard to get what you really want.

Bonus 6: How To Catch A Cheating Lover (N15,000 value FREE )

From my experience, some women start adding weight due to emotional and relationship issues. This becomes a burden that takes a heavy toll on them and leads them to a habit of overeating.

This aspect of our lives is very important for our health. Even if you have a faithful partner, then get this for another female in your life. You might be saving someone by just doing this. This video is part of the DVD.

Wow! This offer Is So Cool.
How Much Does It Cost To Get Into The Smart Diet Program?

I don't want to make this page too long.

So let me go straight to the point.

It is necessary I give you a recap of all the goodies you'll be getting.

Don't forget, the wonder arms device that will be delivered to you comes with all these goodies listed below.

Smart Diet


50 Permanent Weight Loss Tips


Fat Burning Foods


Facial Cleansing Blackhead Remover


Special Weight Loss Champagne


Dancing Your Fats Away


Sultry Skin


How To Catch A Cheating Lover-




225,000 naira is good enough to save you from years of taking drugs and living in fear.

But you won't even be paying anything close to that.

Yes, you heard me.

Okay, remember that the bonuses are free.

So let's just add the first three items above, which should give you a total of 150,000 naira.

It would be fair that you pay half the price of this, for getting this immense value.

But there's good news for you.

You will not pay N100,000.

Not even N70,000.

Heck, N40,000 wouldn't be a bad bargain.

Because we want you to get this at a very affordable price, we are setting this price at a minimum bargain of just N30,000.

N30,000 is less than the price of just one product, and that's what you'll have to pay for the entire package.


You see, your health is what matters to me.

Recieving a testimonial from you about how this smart diet program changed your life after being a member, would be more fulfilling than any amount of money you want to pay now.

You now have it in your power to be the envy of everyone around your neighbourhood with the new finely sculptured shape you are about to acquire through this program.

No medical doctor, fitness expert or nutritionist anywhere in the world will make 'shakara' for you again with their knowledge.

You now know what they know.

People will even be coming to you for advice, when they see that you are getting fast body transformation results.

99.9% of women I know would kill to be in this position.

I don't know about you, but I just love the feeling of both men and women admiring my body from afar.

So what is N30,000 if it would help me achieve that?

Don't worry, the good thing is you won't have to pay for this unless you see it with your eyes.

All you need to do now is fill the form below before the timer on the page relapses to zero.

No rush. Have all these delivered to you conveniently. Complete payment on delivery.

Just fill the form below to place your order.

Please fill in the L.G.A of your residence
This is the address where you want the item to be delivered.

For reading up to this point, I'm going to do something interesting for you.

We've taken the extra pain to slash down the price from N30,000 to ....


Jeez, you are getting all these value for less than one-tenth of its worth.

This is quite a steal!

And to prove that we are very serious about helping you..

You now have a risk free, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

This means that if by the end of 30 days, you are not satisfied with your purchase, or we failed to deliver as promised, you just send us an email and we would refund you every penny. Plus, you'll also have our products for keeps, for life.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You Won't See This Kind Of Offer Anywhere Else On The Internet​

Okay, you have two options on this page though.

If you want the wonder arms device alone, without the bonuses, then the price is just 12,000 Naira to be paid right away via the link below:

Please Note: If you are paying via the link above, there is no need to fill the form. 

That is, we'll receive your payment before sending it to your home address.

But if you want the Smart diet program package, which is everything on this page including the wonder arms, then you only need to fill the form.

The form is only for those who want everything on this page.

After that, you will have to pay N19,500 when you've received the package. 

That is, you pay on delivery.

In summary, here's the two payment options on this page and their differences in a plain table.

  • Payment Option A
  • Payment Option b

With Payment Option B, you are getting everything on this page including the wonder arms device and all bonuses.

You’ll only pay after you have received the package. But you’ll pay 19,500 Naira.

You only need to fill the form if you are using this payment option.


You can only choose one method of payment between options A and B.

Hope it's understood.

If You Miss This, You Won't Be Able To Forgive Yourself.

Fit into all the clothes you've always wanted while looking gorgeous in them.

Most importantly, looking so good and younger than your age that people would feel you are lying when you tell them your real age.

Some women I've helped in the past have told me about how nobody wants to believe their real age again, all because they now look younger than their counterparts.

Of course! You would still have to deal with the jealous ones that wish they are as gorgeous as you are with your newly transformed appearance..

That's how powerful and explosive this program is...

Please be gently reminded that limited quantities of this smart diet program package are currently available.

It's important to state here that once the countdown timer below hits zero, we won't be able to take in anymore orders again.

And even if we are forced to produce more, then the price will increase to 30,000 Naira and you will have to pay before we deliver the items to your house.

Once again, fill the form below and get everything in this page sent to you, after which you pay on delivery.

Please fill in the L.G.A of your residence
This is the address where you want the item to be delivered.

If you've filled the form and hit the submit button, you'll be taken to a page where you'll find my contact details.

Just relax as we'll get the entire package sent to you within 3 to 5 working days.

Well, anytime the package comes is when you'll pay for it. 

So there's no need to worry or panic.

Okay Dr. Kemi, How Do I Recognise The Package Once It Gets Delivered To My House Or Place Of Work?

It's simple.

It would come in a sealed, black or brown delivery bag. Plus the guy who'll deliver it will have all your relevant details like phone number, etc, just as you've filled out in the form.

And there is a DVD when you open it.

The DVD contains the main smart diet program, along side with the Fat Burning Foods and 50 Permanent Weight Loss Tips section.

The smallest video section in the first DVD is about 20 minutes long.

The other segments of the DVD contains information enlisted in the bonuses section like Sultry Skin, Dancing your fats away, etc..

Every other thing are the physical products as you can see in the bonuses.

Take care to unveil them out of the bag so that the bottle of champagne doesn't break, or even the DVD for that matter.

In some cases, DVDs are replaced with flash drives. So it depends on what you might be recieving.

Also check your email, we'll be updating you till the moment we give you the package.

Hope this helps.

And no matter your location in Nigeria, we will deliver it to you within the stipulated time.

You are not paying any extra for delivery. Just 19,500 Naira for everything right on delivery.

I've poured out my all just to make sure that you get the best of everything life has to offer by staying in shape.

What more can you ask for?

Please make sure that you filled the form correctly, to avoid sending to the wrong address.

As your new friend, I'll keep rooting, supporting and praying for you till you get the desired results.

Your happiness means so much to me and my team.

We wish you merry christmas and a happy holiday season!

Stay fabulous,

Dr. Kemi Osewa